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Fort Monze - Patrols

Some detail is recorded about patrols conducted in the region around Fort Monze and Kalomo. Col. Harding filed reports for those conducted whilst he supervised the area.

The BSAP personnel invariably went out on horseback, although it is well known that many horses supplied were not resistant to disease (then called African horse sickness) prevalant in the area, and usually died.

Requests were made for 'salted horses' - these were horses that had survived the disease and developed a resistance to it. The term 'salted' was taken from the white flecks in their coat. These horses fetched a higher price on the open market. Keeping a horse was therefore expensive. Monze probably had no more than four or five animals between 1900 and 1904, although the original Fort nearer Monze probably supported 18 or so animals for Drury and Carden's squadrons.

Generally speaking the locally recruited police personnel from Chief Monze's district patrolled on foot, although it is clear that local NCO's and interpreters used horses when available.

Patrol Leader Date Distance
Tpr.Stopforth Jan 1900 85 miles
Corp. Franklin Feb 1900 200 miles
Tpr. Stopforth May 1900 60 miles
T.S.M Dobson May & Jun 1900 80 miles
T.S.M Dobson Jun & Jul 1900 95 miles
Corp. Franklin Aug 1900 55 miles
Corp. Franklin Sep 1900 45 miles
Corp Franklin Oct 1900 160 miles
Tpr. Martin Nov 1900 80 miles
T.S.M Dobson Aug 1900 313 miles
Mr.W. Harding1 Oct 1899 to Jan 1901 1784 miles
Mr.D. G. Moore2 Nov 1899 to Mar 1900 250 miles

1. William Harding's travels include those along the river Zambezi, Lileui and Kafue

2. Moore was the regional accountant and controller for stores and was based largely at Victoria Falls

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