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How you can help - Business or Employee

If you represent a business or are an employee, and wish to 'adopt' the Monze Education Fund whether it be for a one off event, a year or for an indefinite period, we would welcome your support.

If you are an employee who believes the school and pupils of Monze are worthwhile beneficiaries, and you would like to propose the Monze Education Fund to fellow work colleagues or to the management of the company, then we will be pleased to help to the best of our abilities.

We are able to provide you with some promotional material and/or ideas to help your programme off the ground. And so irrespective of whether your work group wants to sponsor a Classroom, a Monze school pupil project or a school building project, you can be sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Depending on our current commitments, we may be able to take a more active role.
If your company would like to become strategically aligned to the work we do, we would be pleased to discuss possibilities. MEF is very receptive to proposals which do not stipulate brand awareness as a main priority.

Please contact our team outlining your interest and a brief overview of any ideas you are interested in following up. [Contact us]

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