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How you can help - School,Teacher or Student

Irrespective of whether you are a school secretary, painting of village life a teacher or student the Monze Education Fund's objectives will relate very closely to your day-to-day experiences. Our organisation values what education can bring to a young mind by opening doors. It is probably the best 'enabler' for self sufficiency. In Zambia it does not need enormous sums, although the extra help needed by orphaned or vulnerable pupils is a burden to local communities owing to disease such us TB, Malaria and AIDS which neutralises the earning capability of so many families.

With your help we can enhance the learning environments, making schooling a great place to be and also making more effective use of the over stretched teaching staff. Practical self help projects at the school help promote self sufficiency rather than dependency in adult life.

The school as a whole

A typical approach is for your school to run one or more school-wide events over an academic year. Your Parent Teachers Association or ex-pupils Association might consider helping directly by undertaking a fund raising event.

A longer term approach running in parallel with other national fund raising projects might appeal - such as 'twinning' with Monze school. This could be for absolutely no reason except for the desire to help the school - it could be that your town or regional economy relates well to Monze in type or size.

Contact our team to discuss more about these types of relationship.


If you are looking for an appropriate community project, whether it be for a year group, a class or tutorial group we hope you will find some ideas here.

Sponsoring one or more of the Monze pupils of the same age group through the academic year

painting of village life Raising funds to purchase sports equipment (such as footballs or nets)

Providing support for a school based agricultural self help project

Raising funds for redecoration of a classroom

Contribution to a Bursary Fund for vocational training

For current further information on one or more of the above please contact our offices.


The school in Monze is not so different in make up of pupils from other schools or colleges around the world. Fortunately the majority of pupils have parents able to support the family in good times as well as difficult times. But the school does have a sizeable minority who are orphaned or vulnerable in the sense that they do not have parents able to provide for them. Diseases such as TB, Malaria and AIDS have claimed the lives or health of their parents and they live in small communities with relatives scarcely better off than they. But going to school is not really free - and so the community do their best to ensure that some of these unfortunate kids get an education. Most of them are expected to pull their own weight and help with domestic chores, such as collecting firewood and washing, carrying water.

We all can help give some of these a lucky break by contributing towards their school costs. This increases the chances of them completing their basic education and ultimately earning a living with which to support siblings and sick relatives. By helping the school improve its facilities and environment promotes interest in completing school - it increases morale and re-enforces the sense of togetherness.

Our aim is to ensure that every penny you collect or contribute counts. Click here for some ideas.

Remember, if as a student or pupil you earn over £4,745 in the UK per tax year you may be eligible to sign a Gift Aid form. We do the paperwork and reclaim the tax from the tax man.

If you are being sponsored by tax paying adults then we can claim the tax back on their sponsorship pledge. This requires a specific Sponsorship form to satisfy the tax authorities (UK). Contact us for further information. [Contact us]

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