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Pupil Sponsor

As a pupil's sponsor, you can support a vulnerable/orphan pupil for an academic year or until they leave Monze Basic School (this would be an annual pledge of £20).

What does the £20 go towards ?

The £20 is used as follows:

  • it ensures the pupil has a uniform. As they grow, they are provided with a replacement uniform. These are made locally, but are not elaborate - they tend to be better condition than their domestic clothing (the items also include a jersey for winter, shoes and socks)
  • it provides basic writing kit including pencils and exercise books for each subject
  • a satchel for carrying school work
  • a contribution towards school expenses

If you are able to sign a Gift Aid declaration (as a UK tax payer) our charity registered to reclaim from the UK Tax Authorities (currently £5.60). We allocate this for vaccinations and health promotion.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. [Contact us]

painting of village life

painting of village life
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