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Monze Basic School

About us

MEF (Monze Education Fund) is registered with UK Charity Commission (No. 1101654) as a Trust and whose governing rules are defined within a Trust Deed.

The OBJECTIVEs of the Charity (as registered at the UK Charity Commission) are:

"The relief of poverty, sickness and distress in particular among the orphans of Monze municipality and Zambia generally. The advancement of education and training in agriculture in particular around Monze and Zambia generally. The advancement of the Christian religion. The support of any charitable activity undertaken by MBASAPRON (Monze Basic School Agricultural Project for the Needy)"

The Trustees have embodied these objectives within its current programme in the following way:

1) Provision of financial support for orphan & vulnerable pupils of the Monze Basic School by supporting MBASAPRON with financial aid which complements their funds raised locally, for the benefit of those pupils.

2) Provision of financial support for Monze Basic School to improve the condition of classrooms and other school facilities.

3) Provision of relevant academic and material items.

4) Providing professional advice, whether for academic or relevant self-sufficiency school commercial projects

The AIMs of the Monze Education Fund are:

1) to work in partnership with the school's pupils, teaching and administrative staff, parents and MBASAPRON and help develop the extent of self sufficiency.

2) to develop a programme of support for pupils going beyond their present academic path, into vocational training in sustainable agriculture.

3) to replicate the programme with other qualifying schools when resources permit.

MEF is supported by private and commercial donors, whether through funds or effort 'in kind', volunteers and the UK Inland Revenue Gift Aid scheme.

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