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Monze College of Agriculture

Now called the Zambia National College of Agriculture, the college was first established in 1949. The table below records the names of Principals of the college since its establishment.

Mr. Robert Reed1949
Mr. C. Johnson1950
Mr. J. C. Pike1950
Mr. Bembridge1951
Mr. Van Resenberg1951
Mr. Nil (Neal?) Brian Shepherd1951
Mr. Frank Tait (acting)1958 (Jan-Jul)
Mr. H. B.C. Jones1958
Mr. Richard M. R. Wood (acting)1963
Mr. I. Muchangwe1964
Mr. J. Permitter1965
Mr. J. Armstrong1967
Mr. D. Moffat1972
Mr. J. P. Armitage1973
Mr. J. P.Challens (acting)1974
Mr. D. H. McLeery1975
Mr. J. P. Armitage1982
Mr. T. Mubita1986
Mr. D. S. Musakanya1987
Mr. C. I. Chilimboyi1988
Mr. P. N. Liswaniso (acting)1994
Mr. A. K. Siyumbano1995

agricultural college pupils 1958 Agricultural Course 1958
(Courtesy Frank Tait)

agricultural college working the land 1958 Working the fields 1958

agricultural show 1958
Monze Agricultural Show 1958
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