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Lochnivar, Magoye, Mazabuka and Monze Silos


The road to Lochinvar starts just outside of Monze, past its silos (the North/Lusaka side of town), on the Great North Road. The road branches North West and is sign posted Namwala. The journey by road is about 50 Km.

Lochinvar has been designated by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) as a "Wetland of International Importance." Lochinvar is famous for its bird life and wildlife too. There are some other interesting sights including the Gwisho Hot Springs. Lochinvar was acquired by the Government in 1965 as a National Park having previously been a cattle ranch since 1913 owned by Lochinvar Estates Limited.

Magoye and Research Station

Magoye lies off the main Great North Road, North of Monze but South of Mazabuka.

An Experimental Research Station is based there.

plan of Magoye in 1960

A reproduction of Magoye as it was around 1960 from "The Northern Rhodesia Journal"


Mazabuka lies on the main Great North Road, North of Monze but due South of the Kafue river.

Most noted for its massive sugarcane plantations.

Monze Silos

This imposing structure is a monument to Monze's happier days when it was the centre for local farms producing large quantities of grain. Probably the largest building in Southern Province of Zambia.

Sadly, failed rains and soil structure have prevented them being filled to the brim in recent years. The silos are located to the North of Monze, on the East side of Great North Road.

wier in 1963 Magoye weir
June 1963
(Courtesy Mick. Dabinett)

monze silos Monze Silos
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