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Monze Railway station

The railway station includes sidings for goods.

Zambia Railways

In the early 1970's, owing to the state of its aging steam locomotives, compounded by lack of investment and trained personnel, Zambia was compelled to adopt diesel locomotives.

By the mid 80's through a combination of foreign-aid and the implementation of major training programmes, together with the roll out of new equipment, Zambia Railways could boast a railway system which was well ahead of its peer states in Africa, with the potential to support Zambia's economic growth.

Today's passenger rail service has a reputation for providing an 'experience' rather than a punctual service.

Zambia Railway History landmarks

Completion of railhead to Victoria Falls(RR)April 1904
Regular service to Victoria Falls(RR)June 1904
Victoria Fall Rail bridge opened for traffic(RR)September 1905
Rail service to Kalomo opened(RR)July 1905
Railhead reaches Monze(RR)October 1905
Regular service to Kabwe (Broken Hill)(MR)January 1906
Railhead reaches the Zaire (Congo) border(RKR)May 1909
RKR purchased by MR 1928
Railhead reaches Shabani(SR)May 1928
One of the two rail tracks removed to allow a road 1930
MR purchased by RR  1937
RR purchased by Southern Rhodesia government April 1947
RR becomes agency of the S. Rhodesia government November 1949
Northern Rhodesia government assumes 50% stake in Rhodesia Railways  January 1964
Zambia Railways acquires northern assets of RR July 1967
Canadian National Railways management 1970
Start of the TanZam rail construction July 1970
Victoria Falls rail bridge closed January 1973
Start of Tazara (TanZam) railway operations between Zambia and the East coast  1976

RR= Rhodesia Railways

MR=Mashonaland Railways

RKR=Rhodesia-Katanga Junction Railway & Mineral Company Ltd

SR=Shabani Railway Company

monze station in 1920

Monze Station in 1920

modern diesel train

Modern diesel
(Courtesy Brian McMorrow)

modern diesel train

Modern diesel
(Courtesy Brian McMorrow)
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